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Seven State Universities That Are Innovating for the Future

In an era of shrinking application pools and higher-education budget cuts, data analytics and distance learning can help drive student retention and achievement.

Even before COVID-19 forced colleges and universities around the country to suddenly close campuses, cancel critical events, and move all learning online, the higher education sector was moving through a time of instability and change – and state university systems have been hit especially hard as they struggle to recover from deep cuts in state funding. In the midst of these turbulent times, though, some state university systems have found ways to thrive.


Driven by necessity and opportunity, these institutions are emerging as leaders that have developed frontline programs and creative methods for engaging metrics to reach potential students, both traditional and non-traditional, and foster success throughout their college careers – and after. 

What's Included In This eBook

  • The seven state universities that are innovating to stay viable into the future;
  • Focusing on success after graduation;
  • Re-visioning financial aid for students;
  • Raising the return on investment;
  • Partnering with the business community.

Seven State Universities That Are Innovating for the Future