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Financial Modeling for Higher Ed

Financial Modeling

Generate long-range financial projections on a 5-10 year time horizon so you can plan for a variety of financial scenarios, like enrollment shifts or state appropriations volatility.

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Chart a course for financial sustainability

Plan for the financial future of your institution when you combine relevant historical data that enables you to create, review, and monitor multiple long-range financial scenarios. HelioCampus helps you build these powerful financial models so you can inform annual planning or budgeting decisions, pivot quickly if assumptions change, and demonstrate alignment with your strategic plan.

Create financial models with ease with HelioCampus Financial Modeling

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Designed for higher education

Every institution has their own nuances and processes, so you need a tool that provides ultimate flexibility with precision accuracy. We’ve included core higher ed use cases and scenario drivers, like enrollment and tuition planning or institutional staffing, while allowing for maximum customization to suit your needs.

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Highly targeted for tighter accuracy

Our scenario drivers focus on actionable decision points, like tuition “sticker” price or college-level staffing plans. Plus we combine four sources of 5-10 years of historical data including student enrollment, tuition, employee payroll, financial statements, or GL accounts to optimize projection accuracy.

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Create a plan for multiple outcomes

Once your scenario is created, testing your scenarios is as simple as clicking a button. We enable you to have more data-informed conversations to prepare for changes in program demand, student-to-faculty or student-to-staff shifts, and volatility in external factors like inflation, state appropriations or utility and commodity price hikes.


Centralized tool for long-term success

Our centralized platform limits the maintenance risk of multiple Excel spreadsheets, complicated formulas, or employee turnover. Plus our flat-rate pricing makes it easy to give visibility to as many users as you need.

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Demonstrate fiscal responsibility to boards, accreditors, and regulators

Your financial scenarios can be applied to manage institutional finances in alignment with your mission and overall strategic plan. Include this as evidence in reaccreditation cycles to demonstrate your financial sustainability efforts.

See what HelioCampus Financial Modeling can unlock for your institution

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HelioCampus gives you a clear line of sight into financial risks and opportunities within your institution. Let us help you uncover unseen trends and insights to better inform budget cycles, workforce allocation, and strategic planning.

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