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Optimize Your Student Success Analytics

Student Lifecycle

Connect admissions, enrollment, and financial aid data to gain visibility across the student lifecycle so that you can identify areas of opportunity to improve yield, persistence, retention, and ultimately, student success

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Increase student success, impact retention

Competition for students, the cost to attract them, and their range of diverse needs once enrolled has never been greater. Colleges and universities that connect the dots across admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and retention data are able to take effective action to drive student success and grow revenue.

Maximize student success and revenue with HelioCampus Student Lifecycle

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Target the right students

Identify the right student for your institution so that you can optimize marketing budgets, financial aid, and recruiting strategies. HelioCampus helps you understand which segments of students will have the greatest likelihood for success at your institution.

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Manage enrollment through the lens of DEI goals

Is your institution tracking its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals? HelioCampus works with you to uncover trends by department, program, and degree so that you can consider marketing and admissions strategies that help you confidently answer ‘yes’ to this question.

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Optimize financial aid to maximize admissions yield and student retention

Your financial aid strategy should be optimized for both admissions and retention. HelioCampus helps you quantify unmet need and provide the right amount of financial aid to improve admissions yield and year-over-year retention.


Understand student segmentation and risk scoring

Don’t lose the students you’ve worked so hard to attract. HelioCampus helps identify and segment your student body into subpopulations so that you can develop programming that better serves their needs or identify at-risk students for early intervention.

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See how HelioCampus can empower your campus leaders to ensure student success, accelerate decision-making, and optimize operational processes with a secure data platform that helps you uncover actionable insights from across the student lifecycle.

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