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Digital Credentialing for Higher Education

Skills and Achievements

Set students on a path toward success by empowering them with a record of verified skills and credentials to share with future employers and transparency into their performance progress to identify growth opportunities.

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Enable next-generation skills validation for students

As questions on the ROI of a college degree persist, colleges and universities are turning to microcredential programs or other alternative education pathways. HelioCampus enables you to seamlessly provide transparency into students’ learning journeys so they can better demonstrate employability or identify growth opportunities with a verified, transferable learning record that exhibits academic and co-curricular learning, as well as student self-issued achievements.

Empower students to share their learning journey via CLR with HelioCampus

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1EdTech Certified for Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)

Seamlessly provide detailed performance on key assignments or co-curricular experiences to students, administrators, and employers. HelioCampus automatically links from your curriculum maps and is broadly accepted via our 1EdTech certification.

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Award badges automatically

Easily issue badges for course or co-curricular experiences automatically via CLR and our Open Badges certification from 1EdTech. Students can also independently share badges to social networks or employer platforms.

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Enable learners to curate their stories

Students can choose which key assignments linked to their program’s curriculum map to use to create stories from their learning journey for future employers and jobs. Plus, HelioCampus allows them to further strengthen their stories with additional evidence from past work or outside experiences.

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Skills-based transcripts better demonstrate the value of degrees

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HelioCampus enables you to streamline your assessment and accreditation workflows and reduce the hunt for evidence or manual data collection. Let us partner with you to improve student learning outcomes, provide students with verified evidence of their achievements, and support continuous improvement.

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