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LMS Reporting and Analytics

LMS Insights

Combine key variables from your Student Information System (SIS) with data from your LMS to uncover trends in usage and adoption that help you identify at-risk students earlier, plus inform professional development opportunities for faculty.

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Impact student success with actionable insights from your LMS

Get more out of your Blackboard, Canvas, or D2L LMS investment when you integrate your SIS data and enable earlier intervention opportunities that impact student success. Create cross-functional visibility for your institution so the right stakeholders can impact student engagement or address teaching and learning development needs for faculty.

Get more out of your LMS with HelioCampus LMS Insights

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Identify opportunities for increased adoption

Your LMS is a core system for faculty to deliver effective learning experiences and foster asynchronous engagement. HelioCampus helps you measure adoption and utilization across colleges, departments, and courses so that you can focus professional development efforts.


Connect instructional design with course success

How do curriculum and course design correlate with course success metrics? HelioCampus brings greater context to LMS activity data so that you can relate and compare key course, student, and instructor dimensions to add more specificity to teaching and learning initiatives.


Intervene even earlier to impact student success

Identify trends and patterns of LMS activity, engagement, and outcomes by student demographics. HelioCampus works with you to correlate student success measures based on observed outcomes in your LMS, so that you can more effectively address retention, persistence, and graduation rates.

Learn more ways data analytics can improve and support your student success initiatives

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See how HelioCampus can empower your campus leaders to ensure student success, accelerate decision-making, and optimize operational processes with a secure data platform that helps you uncover actionable insights from across the student lifecycle.

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