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Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment

Ensure faculty and staff can contribute to the assessment of outcomes at the course, program, and institution-level in real-time to improve student learning and drive continuous improvement.

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Bring student learning objectives and outcomes into focus

See student outcomes at-a-glance and understand the relationship between learning and institutional outcomes, plus measure their impact on your strategic plan, mission, and accreditation. Evaluate courses and programs to identify continuous improvement and professional development areas through a variety of assessment methods, including co-curricular, program, and juried assessment.

Bring visibility to assessment and student learning outcomes with HelioCampus

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Connect with any LMS to maximize faculty adoption

Our 1EdTech certified LTI integration enables you to connect any LMS so you don’t disrupt faculty workflows, and they never have to leave the familiarity of their workspace. Plus faculty can digitize and manage syllabi to increase accessibility for students.

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Map curriculum to objectives and student learning outcomes

Design robust curriculum maps that create student learning outcome relationships with institutions and accreditation objectives. We enable you to set data-informed continuous improvement initiatives with institution-wide transparency.

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Assess student learning outcomes in real-time

Align key assignments and rubrics to student learning outcomes in courses and co-curricular activities. HelioCampus makes it easy for faculty to contribute directly to your ongoing assessment tasks right from the LMS.

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Conduct assessment however you need

We work hand-in-hand with you during onboarding to build out the workflows your college or university needs to conduct various forms of assessment, including juried assessment, co-curricular, and program assessment.

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"Some of the questions I asked myself before I even put words on paper were: 'How do I want to organize the process?'...Then I went to HelioCampus' amazing team of developers and thought leaders who helped my team figure out how to shift from my drawings to the HelioCampus platform itself."
Dr. Alicia Dorsey
Associate Vice President for Academic Effectiveness & Planning

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HelioCampus enables you to streamline your assessment and accreditation workflows and reduce the hunt for evidence or manual data collection. Let us partner with you to improve student learning outcomes, provide students with verified evidence of their achievements, and support continuous improvement.

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