UNC Cause 2017 – Building Tomorrow’s IT, Today & LEGOS

Last week, my colleague Bret Dennis and I had the opportunity to represent HelioCampus at UNC CAUSE in Greenville, NC. As first-time attendees, we didn't know what to expect. After spending two days learning from and building relationships with IT professionals across the University of North Carolina System, it was time well spent!

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Southern Hospitality: Reflections on the Georgia Summit

At the end of September, Bret Dennis and I were fortunate to talk with numerous individuals from the University System of Georgia campuses. The event, hosted in Atlanta, was a mix of work and fun. You could easily see the Mercedes-Benz stadium, CNN Atlanta, and Centennial Olympic Park. We were even able to test our athleticism at the College Football Hall of Fame!

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Tableau Public Visualization Makeover: US Tuition Trends

Hi! I’m Renee Teate, one of the Data Scientists at HelioCampus. In order to practice thinking through the types of decisions that I often need to make when presenting data visually, I thought I’d give Tableau’s “Makeover Monday” challenge a try, and share my choices with you here on the HelioCampus blog! I searched through the available datasets, and found one that is relevant to higher ed, called “Average Tuition in the United States” (see May 2016).

This is the original data visualization example presented to be made over:


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Two of my favorite things, Fall & EDUCAUSE

It’s October and at HelioCampus, we’re excited about the upcoming EDUCAUSE conference. Why are we so excited? Well, we are thrilled to be involved with two different panels, along with forward thinking leaders in higher education, to discuss institutional & business analytics, structured and unstructured data, and improving the student experience. Come and hear insights from our awesome panel of institutions including UNC General Administration, St. Edward’s University, Ithaca College, UMass Lowell, University of Kentucky and UNLV. If you are planning to attend EDUCAUSE, we hope you’ll swing by one, or both, of our sessions, or come visit us at Booth 1052.  

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Achieving the Dream: 2017 Data & Analytics Summit

Last week we had the opportunity to attend Achieving the Dream: 2017 Data and Analytics Summit hosted at The Hotel at University of Maryland. The conference was geared towards providing attendees insight into different analytical processes and sharing best practices between the various colleges present. The major themes included: moving the needle on completion percentages, improving transfer outcomes by using National Clearing House data, and the overall need for data analytics/literacy/ science program offerings to help close the employment gap in the field.

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Three Barriers to Using Data Effectively

At HelioCampus, we have identified three main barriers to using data effectively, and have ideas on how to solve them. 

Challenge 1: Data Silos
Higher education institutions have lots of data from across a multitude of systems, including admissions, enrollment, student success and financial. However, it often lives in silos and cannot be easily accessed by stakeholders from across the university. How can you make data driven decisions without the full picture?

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Data in Focus: A Clearer Path to Progress Through Institutional Analytics

Analytics use is on the rise in higher education. Nearly 50 percent of institutions consider institutional analytics a “major institutional priority,” and another 25 percent say it’s a “major priority for some departments,” according to EDUCAUSE.* But as the full promise of analytics is on the horizon, many institutions need assistance when it comes to using data effectively.

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Best Practices in Data Governance: Lessons Learned at the RTM Higher Education Congress

I had the opportunity to attend a timely session at the RTM Higher Education Congress a few weeks ago focused on “Data Governance and its Implications on Student Experience and Institutional Strategy.”  Given that I spend the majority of my time speaking with institutional leaders and stakeholders exploring paths for institutional analytics, across a broad set of colleges and universities, this is a very interesting topic to me.  Turns out that it’s also of great interest to leaders across IT, Enrollment Management and Academic Affairs as it was a packed house during the last session on the last day of the conference.

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NACUBO 2017: Thoughts & Themes

Last week I was fortunate to be able to spend a few days in Minneapolis attending NACUBO 2017. As a first-time attendee, a theme I found to be pervasive was managing the limited resources dedicated to the effective use of data and analytics, which is a challenge I hear about often. An issue many attendees seemed to face is, 'how do I help augment limited staff resources faced with increased demand across organizational units?' Beyond the option of adding resources, a limitation in many institutions, was the need to find tools, technologies, and services that better scale to provide a broadening body of stakeholders with decision support solutions. One institution noted the need for more intuitive and user-friendly technologies that would enable more functional team members to have access to data and insights based on their particular needs. While this was a financials-oriented event, many conversations revolved around the need to cross reference and contextualize financial insights with other institutional data, regardless of the system or source. Financial managers are clearly thinking ahead and determining ways they can best serve their institutions through integrated data sources and modern-age dashboards and visualizations. 
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From Higher Education to HelioCampus: Supporting Research Initiatives in a New Way

An interview with HelioCampus Analysts, Doug Nutter, Ph.D. and Matt Hendrickson, LPD.

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