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How to Transform Insitutional Effectiveness

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Data-Informed Decision-Making in Higher Ed—Despite the IT Labor Shortage

It’s a paradox. The pressure to answer questions about enrollment, student success, and financial planning is at an all-time high, pushing higher ed leaders to rely more on...

Developing a CLR: Critical Insights From Alumni, Students & Employers— Q&A From Leaders at University of Maryland Global Campus

With the value of higher education under heightened review by learners and employers, colleges and universities are quickly pivoting to a University of the Future model,...

February 18, 2022

4 Essentials for Assessment Success

As an assessment practitioner, I know how important it is to balance research-based assessment processes with flexibility and collaboration among your institutional teams. I...

January 18, 2022

Inspiration from ‘Ted Lasso’ for Assessment Professionals

One of the things that has brought me great joy this past year is the Apple TV hit comedy, Ted Lasso. While seemingly about a U.S. football coach who is brought to England to...

December 20, 2021

5 ways higher ed can harness financial aid beyond just boosting yield

On most campuses, academic affairs and student services—but rarely other units—prioritize student success. Colleges and universities dedicate significant time and resources...

December 10, 2021

Redesigning College Transcripts for Students and Employers

Student success is heavily dependent on student engagement in courses AND in the institution at large. My interest in micro-credentials and Comprehensive Learner Record ...

December 3, 2021

Renee Teate on SQL, Data Science, & Writing Her First Book

If you work with data, there’s a chance you’ve heard of “Data Science Renee.” You may know her from her “Becoming a Data Scientist” podcast or heard her speak at events like...

November 30, 2021

Preparing for Institutional Effectiveness 2.0: A Q&A With Darren Catalano

As they navigated the turbulence of the past few years, colleges and universities were forced to make fundamental changes in how they operate—and many are still trying to...

October 15, 2021

Leveraging AWS Redshift for Data Warehousing

(This blog is part three of a six-part series on how HelioCampus uses AWS to support our data analytics platform)

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