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    Verify Skills and Recognize Achievements

    Provide evidence of skills acquisition to your learners from educational experiences across curricular and co-curricular activities, to share in a verifiable record with employers

    Analytics is a journey and questions serve as a guide to help you explore and understand your institutional data. HelioCampus provides strategic decision support and insights to help derive value from your data to achieve a multitude of goals.

    Align experiences in and outside of the classroom with outcomes and skills frameworks through a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR)

    Do students know what skills they are learning from their courses, co-curricular and experiential learning activities across the institution?

    How do you assess co-curricular experiences linked to workforce skills and mission-specific outcomes?

    Can you provide students with feedback on formative assessments triggering appropriate interventions in real-time?


    Enable learners to curate ePortfolios from their Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) and share these achievements

    Can students articulate the skills they are learning from their courses, co-curricular and experiential learning activities to employers?

    Are students able to review all of their key assignments, badges, and skills from their learning journey in one dashboard? Can they create individual ePortfolios from their experiences linked to jobs?

    Are students able to identify their return on investment from their experiences at your institution?


    Launch and manage microcredential programs aligned to workforce needs

    Do you have flexible program offerings to meet the needs of upskilling and reskilling learners?

    Are students able to add certificates and earn badges which they can share with their current employers for promotion and job mobility?

    Have you mapped badges to your curriculum and set assessment requirements for earning these assertions? Can you issue badges which include the metadata of how and when students earned them?


    A CLR is what best represents your students and institution in terms of what is needed to support students so that they may reach their goals. At UMGC, we really want our document to serve students so that they may articulate skills and learning within the classroom and be able to say with confidence, 'this is what I have learned, this is how I learned it, and this is how I can apply it to the job opportunity that I am seeking’.

    Insiya Bream, Registrar & Associate Vice President, UMGC

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