HelioCampus offers rapid delivery services to help institutions as they navigate these uncertain times. All services include the analysis of your relevant data, with supporting visualizations and insights from a data expert.


Tuition Revenue Projections

Develop and compare various scenarios for multi-year projections of student enrollments and the associated tuition revenues. These scenarios are based on new and continuing student enrollments and breakdowns by student segment.


LMS Data Mining

Monitors the usage of the Learning Management System to track student engagement, faculty interaction and grades data across courses and academic programs, to better understand learning activities and correlation with student outcomes.


Expenses & Liquidity Management

Measure and track key metrics and expense trends to identify areas to control operating expenses.


Re-Enrollment Outreach Planning

Monitor returning student enrollment patterns and create custom lists to facilitate targeted outreach for increased student persistence.


Contribution Margin Analysis

Insight into direct revenues and costs to calculate contribution margins, allowing institutions to make informed comparisons across departments to manage the academic portfolio.


Time Series Enrollment Forecasting

Utilize time series forecasting algorithms to project the size and composition of the incoming class by confidence intervals and key enrollment attributes.


Instructor Metrics

Analysis of instructor assignments, work loads and costs to ensure efficient utilization of instructional resources.


Class Size and Space Planning

Enable institutions to inform and guide the way students physically interact with each other on campus, in terms of physical proximity, and in limiting crowding/clustering.

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