Data Replication & Organization

 The HelioCampus team uses a sophisticated ETL technique to replicate all relevant institutional data so it can be transformed and optimized.

How does the process work?

  • The first step is to replicate select institutional data into a data lake. 
  • The data is then transformed and combined into a secure data warehouse, optimized for reporting & analysis.
  • HelioCampus works with your team throughout the process, noting customizations and unique attributes.

Data Models

The power of the HelioCampus platform resides in our data models. Developed and honed over the course of ten + years, HelioCampus does the hard work of creating intuitive, logical relationships and integrations between data sources as well as within individual data sources that are not normally fit for reporting against.

The Power of Data Models...

  • Allow disparate data sources to be combined;
  • Once combined, they can be visualized for ease of understanding. 
  • By accessing only data relevant to your role, you are able to easily interrogate the data. Data models are built around subject areas including admissions, enrollment, financial aid, student success, finance and advancement. 

Data Visualization

 If your data is not actionable and understandable, what’s the point? The HelioCampus platform includes a set of standard visualizations, updated daily, showing trends for key metrics. Each dashboard can be configured and customized based on your business rules and specifications.

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