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    How It Works

    We have created a unique decision support offering, developed and refined over the last decade in a university setting. In addition to helping you consolidate, organize and manage all of your institution’s data, our data scientists analyze it and work with you to develop solutions for your most pressing challenges.

    HelioCampus Platform2

    Build Technology Platform

    The first step in any institutional analytics initiative is to build the technology platform. HelioCampus allows you to bring data from any source system into a secure, extensive, high performance data platform.

    Our Platform Includes:

    • Cloud technology that is flexible and scalable to meet an institution’s evolving needs;
    • Single-tenant architecture to ensure data security and privacy;
    • Cost-effective, high-performance computing;
    • Open, extensible environment that allows institutions to leverage existing and future investments.

    Organize Data for Analysis

    Once the technology platform is up and running, your data must be replicated and organized for analysis. Centralizing key data from across the institution is the foundation for any institution-wide analytics initiative. Our data infrastructure focuses on building data models that serve as a central source of truth, giving stakeholders the ability to ask and answer the most important questions with ease and efficiency. Intuitive data visualization allows you to quickly see the connections between enrollment, student activity and outcomes, faculty activity and spending levels.

    Organizing Data for Analysis Includes:

    • Replication of institutional data from all sources into a Data Lake;
    • Organization of data into a Data Warehouse for analytical efficiency, using dimensional modeling;
    • Flattening of data into Reporting Models that serve as the foundation for dashboards and predictive models;
    • Easy access to integrated data through HelioCampus’ pre-built dashboards.
    Working with a Data Scientist

    Deliver Data Science Services

    Because visualizing, analyzing and translating insights into actions are equally important, HelioCampus also includes ongoing decision support services for your institution’s unique analysis and data science needs. Our data analysts and data scientists will provide context and commentary to accelerate your ability to glean insights and take action. Only through a comprehensive approach to decision support that combines technology with an investment in data storytelling and data science can an institution ask and answer their most pressing questions.

    George Mason has made significant investments and advancements in data warehousing, data analysis and data science. HelioCampus will be an accelerant for us to achieve our institutional analytics objectives.

    David Burge, Vice President of Enrollment Management, George Mason University

    Working with HelioCampus gives us the opportunity to focus our efforts on having strategic discussions versus managing infrastructure and applications.

    Lori Dembowitz, Associate CIO, UMass Lowell

    HelioCampus follows a teaching model and that’s a great fit for our university. They were able to bring us up to speed quickly and provide the continuing support and training to allow us to build our own capabilities.

    Loralyn Taylor, Associate Provost for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Ohio University

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