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    Decision Support & Analytics

    With data from every corner of campus, HelioCampus enables decision support and insights for institutions to drive student success and grow revenue, maximize returns of academic programs, understand online classroom activity, and manage costs and streamline operations through an enterprise technology platform and ongoing services.

    We combine data with ongoing professional services to help institutions better understand the connections through easily navigated data models and visualizations. Products organized by subject area can be implemented independently or leverage the power of the platform when interconnected to make more informed decisions.


    Student Lifecycle

    Student Lifecycle supports cross-functional analyses that enable institutional stakeholders to better understand the connections between admissions, enrollment, student success and financial aid data.

    • For Institutional Research, Student Lifecycle increases the ability to deliver strategic decision support across academic and administrative functions.
    • For Admissions leaders, Student Lifecycle helps you understand opportunities to optimize recruitment, financial aid and admissions strategies to maximize yield.
    • For Student Success leaders, Student Lifecycle helps you measure and improve student persistence and retention to drive student outcomes.

    HelioCampus data analysts and data scientists provide context and commentary to accelerate your ability to glean insights and take action.

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    Academic Performance Management

    Academic Performance Management (APM) enables deep analysis related to understanding and managing cost of instruction.

    • For academic and financial leaders, APM provides visibility into data to help counter budget deficits, identify efficiencies and optimize faculty assignments and non-teaching activities.

    APM can be implemented as a standalone product or integrated with other products within the enterprise data platform for cross-functional analyses. HelioCampus data analysts and data scientists provide context and commentary to accelerate your ability to glean insights and take action.

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    LMS Insights

    LMS Insights provides visibility into data to help identify best practices in online instruction and engagement and improve student learning outcomes.

    • For academic and online learning leaders, LMS insights improves faculty and student interactions in the online classroom to identify students that need extra attention.

    LMS Insights can be implemented after an institution has implemented Student Lifecycle.  HelioCampus data analysts and data scientists provide context and commentary to accelerate your ability to glean insights and take action.

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    Decision Support Series:
    A Packaged Solution
    Regardless of your starting point, the Decision Support offerings consist of an Enterprise Platform & Data Warehouse, Higher Education Data Models, and Data Science Services.
    Enterprise Technology Platform
    Our secure, extensive, high performance data platform provides an open and extensible environment to leverage existing and future investments.
    Source Systems & Third Party Integrations
    Integrations with your institution’s relevant systems of record, third-party and public data sets where applicable allow for data replication into a Data Lake.
    Data Models
    Data models provide intuitive, logical relationships and integrations between data sources as well as within individual data sources that are not normally fit for reporting against. Organized by subject area, data models provide for efficient and organized analysis and serve as the foundation for dashboards and predictive models.
    Data Visualization
    Intuitive data visualizations and standard dashboards help make your data actionable and understandable. The HelioCampus platform includes a set of standard visualizations, showing trends for key metrics. Each dashboard can be configured and customized based on your business rules and specifications.
    Data Science Services
    While the technology platform and data organization are critical, ongoing data science services help tackle critical institutional challenges. These services include decision support, assisting with building predictive models, conducting user training, or integrating additional data sources into the platform.

    The complexity of the technology, combined with the need to move ahead rapidly, and the success of the pilot, really fueled the university wanting more. We chose to partner with HelioCampus as opposed to building our own solution because what they provided was probably where we would have been in three to five years. We couldn't wait.

    Michael Cipriano , Associate Vice Chancellor & CIO, UMass Lowell

    UMass Amherst understands the value of analytics and has already made investments in this area. We are looking forward to working with HelioCampus to help us refine institutional decision making and focus on student success.

    Steve Goodwin, Deputy Chancellor and Chief Planning Officer, UMass Amherst

    I think the key to our progress has been that we have become more collaborative throughout the university. HelioCampus and the dashboards we have developed through our partnership have really elevated our ability to be transparent; today, everybody is seeing the same information and our decision-making processes are much clearer to everyone. I think our story is about change and leadership, but also it’s about the importance of data for what we’re trying to do as an institution.

    Steven R. Moser, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, The University of Southern Mississippi

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