NCAIR 2019: “Treasure” Found in Every Presentation!

Last week, representatives from more than 40 institutions across North Carolina convened at Wrightsville Beach for the annual NCAIR conference. Located in a beach town near waters once frequented by the infamous privateer Blackbeard, this year’s event was piratically titled “Finding Your Treasure." Directors, researchers, and analysts discussed how they discover hidden gems and insights among the sometimes-overwhelming amounts of institutional data.

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Why Use “Ensemble Approaches” for Forecasting?

If you wanted to predict how much corn would be sold at a farmer’s market stand this summer, you might ask multiple people to make educated guesses using different methods. One person might be a farmer who knows how the crops are doing in the region this year, one might be the person who has operated the stand for the past 3 years and has a good understanding of the seasonal purchasing patterns, and one might be a statistician with a table of the last 5 years’ of weekly sales.

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Is Your Institution Really Ready for Predictive Analytics?

The idea of an advisor telling a student who just received an associate's degree to next enroll in a Ph.D. program seems farcical. But, leaders in higher education act similarly when it comes to analytics by embarking to create predictive models without first building a baseline level of understanding around data and analytics.

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