Presidential Priorities: 5 Areas of Concern for College and University Presidents

From 1987 to 2017, tuition at public universities in the U.S. increased by a staggering 213 percent – and that’s after adjusting for inflation.1 At a time when higher education costs are rising exponentially and people are debating the ROI from a degree, there is increased pressure for college and university presidents to be multi-dimensional leaders who can lead institutions safely into the future. Today, presidents are expected to have expertise in multiple areas, including academic affairs, faculty discussions, financial management, technology, public relations, and more.

How are college and university presidents juggling these responsibilities? What are they worried about, and which areas are they prioritizing? Read on to learn what presidents are focused on — and how some forward-thinking leaders are getting ahead of the curve by leveraging the power of data analytics to ensure success for their institutions, down the road.

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Analytics as a Powerful Theme at the RTM Higher Education Congress

The RTM Higher Education Congress held in Washington DC from August 4-6, brought together CIOs, Academic Affairs, and Enrollment Management professionals from across the country. A rich array of topics were discussed covering everything from leadership challenges, modernization of today’s colleges, diversity, strategic budgeting, removing obstacles to graduation, creating student experiences for future-relevant careers, classroom technologies, cloud storage, cyber security, and crisis management.

Despite the diversity of themes, three salient points ran through almost all the sessions:
1) Higher education needs to consider the student’s perspective and educate students for the world they will inherit;
2) Effective leadership is crucial to the sustainability of the institution;
3) Data-driven decision making is needed in all business units, from admissions through advancement.

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Reflections from NAICU’s Annual Meeting and Advocacy Day

This week, presidents and key executives from NAICU member colleges gathered in Washington, DC, to tackle the tough challenges facing university leadership in tumultuous times. The agenda covered legislative issues impacting higher education, how to succeed in today’s evolving higher education environment and more.

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Sustainability & Risk Mitigation: Themes from EACUBO 2018

I recently had the pleasure of attending the EACUBO Annual Meeting in Buffalo, New York.  The conference brought together College and University business officers from throughout the Northeast with the goal of sharing new ideas regarding how institutions can meet the financial challenges of a quickly changing higher education landscape. Among the topics included were succession planning, sustainability, and risk mitigation.  A common underlying theme was how to use metrics and data analytics to support institutional efforts to make better decisions.  

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Three Barriers to Using Data Effectively

At HelioCampus, we have identified three main barriers to using data effectively, and have ideas on how to solve them. 

Challenge 1: Data Silos
Higher education institutions have lots of data from across a multitude of systems, including admissions, enrollment, student success and financial. However, it often lives in silos and cannot be easily accessed by stakeholders from across the university. How can you make data driven decisions without the full picture?

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