MSCHE 2018: How Can Data-Informed Decision Making Impact Your Accreditation

Today, over 100 MSCHE attendees came to the Frostburg State University (FSU) presentation on using a data platform to inform institutional assessment. FSU partners with HelioCampus to provide the data infrastructure and data science services to ensure that decision making and resource allocation are well informed by data. Sara-Beth Bittinger, Ed. D., Director of Assessment and Institutional Research and Denise Murphy, Assistant Vice President for Finance and Budget, from FSU walked the audience through how data is transformed in the data warehouse and translated into visualizations to inform decision making. Specific examples include analysis and visualization of the elements of the admissions funnel to inform recruitment strategies, efforts to better understand past institutional aid packaging practices to inform current financial aid strategies, and the development of a robust toolkit designed for academic department chairs to help them effectively manage their departments.

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MSCHE Reflections:  Improving Access to and Use of Data for Accreditation

As the world of Higher Education increasingly responds to the demands of the labor market as well as federal and state governing agencies, new and improved approaches to assessment and accreditation are moving to the forefront. Addressing how to analyze and assess online learning, General Education models, proficiency-based learning, and embedded skills all require new ways of thinking about understanding how to define and measure “success.” Many of these were on display at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Annual Conference held recently, and are beginning to reflect the increasingly dynamic nature of higher education as a microcosm of broader society.

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