February 7, 2019 | financial sustainability, Business Intelligence

    Reflections from NAICU’s Annual Meeting and Advocacy Day

    This week, presidents and key executives from NAICU member colleges gathered in Washington, DC, to tackle the tough challenges facing university leadership in tumultuous times. The agenda covered legislative issues impacting higher education, how to succeed in today’s evolving higher education environment and more.

    Scott Jaschik, CEO and Editor, Inside Higher Ed, presented a session on the most challenging questions facing Presidents and what keeps them up at night. These issues run the gamut and include:

    • How do we ensure our financial sustainability?Fireside Chat with Lester Holt
    • What can we do to counter-act mounting student debt?
    • How will we need to adjust our financial aid policies based on the outcomes
      of the Harvard Affirmative Action Case?
    • What will be the impact of increased transfers?
    • How do we manage social unrest on campus?
    • What will be the future of the liberal arts education?
    • How do we avoid controversy over grants and gifts?
    • How do we manage proposed changes to Title IX?

                                                                                                                                                                                                   David Warren, President, NAICU and Andrew Benton, President and CEO of Pepperdine, and Chair NAICU Board of Directors, introduce Lester Holt for a “Fireside Chat” 

    Another hotly discussed topic was how to ensure institutional financial health for the future, including credit worthiness, improving accountability and transparency in the financial system, and the overall need for more robust, comprehensive, and nuanced analytical tools. No matter the method that institutions take to diversify and grow institutional revenue sources, increase enrollments, and manage costs, there is no denying that easy access to clean meaningful data is necessary to address critical business model issues.

    Given that there is so much at stake, many institutions benefit from collaborating on, or outsourcing, some of these critical challenges. If you are looking for a partner to help you access, model, and analyze your institutional data, HelioCampus is here to help!

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