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    April 1, 2022 | Featured

    NERCOMP 2022: How New York Institute of Technology Modernized their Data Infrastructure

    That’s a wrap! NERCOMP 2022 was a wonderful opportunity to learn what professionals in the higher ed community have been up to over the past two years, and to find out what’s coming next.

    In case you missed it, here’s a quick summary of one great NERCOMP session from one of our HelioCampus partners: How New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) Modernized their Data Infrastructure for Deeper Data Analysis.

    In this session, Becky Frieden, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications and Decision Support Systems walked through the challenges NYIT was up against:

    • Aging data infrastructure; vintage or complex operational reporting tools
    • Data “leakage” and multiple data destinations; multiple reporting tools
    • Lack of a data culture on campus
    • Lack of clarity around university level data management needs, responsibilities and expectations
    • Ingrained information management processes at the departmental level and few data standards across the enterprise
    • Lack of clear data owners (and hence responsible oversight)
    • Inadequate quantitative/ analytical proficiency; not enough contextual data management expertise or strategic technical direction
    • Inadequate data security/privacy proficiency
    • Inefficient software development and data integration processes
    • Very little, if any, master data or metadata management

    To tackle these issues, NYIT partnered with HelioCampus.

    Step 1 was to generate buy in and support for the analytics initiative across the institution. With the help of HelioCampus, NYIT began developing standardized rules and policies around data management, they made data more available in multiple formats, and they began capturing and maintaining institutional data in a more uniform and sustainable way. NYIT knew that if they could manage information as a strategic asset and demonstrate its business value, they would have a much easier time building a culture of trust in the data.

    Step 2 was to make the data easily accessible in hopes to (1) get people to act on what the data revealed, (2) answer strategic questions around financial aid and recruitment, and (3) improve capacity for data-driven decision making.

    While it was quite an undertaking, NYIT was thrilled with the following outcomes:

    • Easy connectivity and quick set up of data models with great partnerships and functional buy-in;
    • Seamless data validation;
    • Quick adoption by functional teams;
    • A transformative look across campus at data as an asset.

    NYIT now has a great foundation to dive deeper into the data and answer strategic questions across the institution. What’s next for NYIT? They are asking questions about admission and retention – “how can we look at our students from the Admit to Retain lens?” They also want to start centralizing academic program data for analysis and decision support.

    To learn more about how NYIT transformed their data infrastructure, reporting, and decision making, or to find out how your institution could start a similar initiative, schedule a call with one of our team members, or visit our website for more on HelioCampus.

    (Photo credit: Edlira Stefani)

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