March 21, 2018 | Higher Education, Institutional Analytics

    Ithaca College: Transforming Institutional Data into Actionable Information

    Ithaca College wanted to deepen their understanding of the patterns and trends that lead to better student outcomes – and ultimately student success. To do so, they needed to invest in an institution-wide analytics infrastructure that would reveal insights into the connections between curricular, co-curricular, and student life variables and help define their impact on the overall student experience. They partnered with HelioCampus to fulfill their vision. 

    Ithaca College, a private liberal arts college in Ithaca, N.Y., has embarked on a core strategic initiative to build the modern analytics foundation it needs to foster a smarter decision-making culture and become a more studentcentered institution. “We have all this great data,” says Chief Analytics Officer, Dr. Yuko Mulugetta, who oversees the Office of Analytics and Institutional Research, “but how do we integrate all of it in the most useful way?” Harnessing the value of information – and using it more effectively – is high on the priority list for the 6,500-student college as it continues to map out a reliable profile of what drives the success of its students.

    Choosing a Partner Who Knows the Marketplace

    After a year of planning and evaluating possible vendor options, Mulugetta and her team chose higher education analytics experts HelioCampus to support a three-year plan that included a foundational data infrastructure, data visualization and data science services. Starting with a well-integrated data warehouse, HelioCampus will help Ithaca build their “House of AIR” and support their existing data governance structure and predictive analytics initiatives. The team selected HelioCampus based on a few fundamental criteria, including:

    • Cutting-edge technology, with a cloud solution;
    • Secure, private connections, and robust data solutions with operational reporting;
    • Flexible data models that can be modified for Ithaca’s specific needs; and
    • Strong knowledge of the higher-education marketplace.
    Read the rest of the case study here! We'll also be at the Ithaca EdTech Day on March 22nd. We hope to see you there. 

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