March 5, 2019 | Institutional Analytics, Community Colleges, Institutional Planning

    A Conversation with Harford Community College President Dr. Dianna Phillips

    Recently we partnered with Inside Higher Ed and Harford Community College's President, Dr. Dianna Phillips, for a webinar on Implementing Transformational Analytics Strategies. The webinar featured an engaging discussion that started with sharing the challenges facing Harford Community College (HCC) (and other community colleges), and why HCC chose to invest in strategic planning tools and technologies to solve them.

    Dr. Phillips shared the comprehensive strategic planning process that took place prior to their investment and how HCC has been integrating new and existing analytics initiatives to ultimately support data-informed decision-making across the College. 

    Check out the recording of the webinar for the full story including what precipitated the College’s decision to improve their analytics capacity, use data more effectively, and provide functional users with deeper access to data. With the goal of providing stakeholders from across the College with the tools needed to make the best decisions possible, and informed by the College’s work with Achieving the Dream, HCC developed a data-analytics and technology strategy designed to meet one overarching goal: transforming analytics across campus. You don't want to miss this story! 

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