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    Accreditation & Planning

    HelioCampus enables efficient and streamlined accreditation and
    self-study processes to ease the burden on faculty and administrators.

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    Why Accreditation & Planning?

    The Accreditation and Planning solution helps institutions automate existing assessment and accreditation processes, improving time consuming data collection and reporting.

    Comprehensive, Flexible & Customized

    By centralizing assessment data, institutions take a comprehensive, time sensitive approach to accreditation and planning. With robust data collection tools and flexible workflow management and self-study templates, faculty and staff can efficiently and effectively contribute and support the efforts of institutional accreditation and improvement.

    Focus Areas

    To fulfill more extensive accreditation standards, colleges and universities must demonstrate their commitment to academic achievement, support for student success post-graduation, and prove financial sustainability. The Accreditation & Planning solution helps institutions ensure this process is as easy and comprehensive as possible to address a range of use cases including:

    Self-Study & Program Reviews

    Do you want to have a collaborative system to write and collect evidence for your accrediting body and internal program reviews? 

    Data Collection & Workflows

    Can departments across your institution collaborate to collect and share data and link evidence to your self study?

    Annual Assessment Planning & Reporting

    Can your existing accreditation processes also support a culture of improvement in an efficient and scalable manner?  Are you able to provide real-time reporting to all your stakeholders across campus?

    Strategic Planning

    Can your institution connect academic and unit learning outcomes with institutional strategic planning goals? Can you show the alignment across your mission, vision, and institutional culture to campus-wide initiatives?
    All-in-One Institutional Assessment
    Our assessment platform includes all the tools and resources to support your institutional effectiveness initiatives.
    Technology Platform
    Our assessment platform setup includes the installation and basic configuration of your cloud-hosted, dedicated instance. Hosting, licensing, support, and maintenance are included as part of your subscription.
    System Integrations
    Our team will work with your technical team to set up authentication, the Student Information System (SIS) Integration and the Learning Management System (LMS) Integration (optional.) This enables the seamless exchange of data across campus systems through standards-based technology and interoperability.
    Reporting & API Access
    Leverage our powerful inventory of reports designed to visualize and bring meaning to the data gathered via our robust collection tools. Build dashboards to connect assessment and institutional data using our data warehouse. Connect to the application over our API for added capability and efficiencies.
    Client Success & Services
    Our Client Success Team provides training, assistance and custom engagements as required.
    Community of Practice
    Our online communities of practice site, AEFIS Academy, is an innovative and open space for assessment practitioners to come and engage with one another, share best practices, and access live and recorded content.

    “This dropdown has been vital and so helpful for us. We encourage our offices to start with the goal, connect what's happening with your measure to our institutional goals... then we go into the specific objective and the specific code. This has allowed every type of measure that is being assessed to be connected to the initiatives of the institution.”

    Vanessa Martinez, Assessment Specialist, Texas A&M University