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HelioCampus ebook

Benchmarking Against Peer Institutions

Three University Case Study

How three universities built a stronger, data-informed financial foundation.

Higher education has long faced challenges to contain costs while strategically investing in ROI-positive and forward-looking initiatives for the institution. COVID-19 only increased the pressure, especially as the Great Resignation impacted staffing levels and hiring costs.


A deeper dive into university financials with particular focus on labor costs, which typically accounts for 60% of institutional budgets, is essential. Financial leaders must be able to articulate how investments, like current staffing and future hiring, align with the overall mission in a financially sustainable way.

What's Included In This eBook

  • How Auburn University, Kent State University, and Temple University tackled this growing challenge in three different ways in order to:
    • Make more precise administrative investments
    • Train and retain existing talent
    • Evaluate cost efficiencies against customer satisfaction

Benchmarking Against Peer Institutions