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How to Transform Insitutional Effectiveness

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How to Visualize Data in Higher Education

Accurate, accessible data continues to be one of the most imperative assets available to higher education institutions. While the accuracy and availability of data are...

December 3, 2021

Renee Teate on SQL, Data Science, & Writing Her First Book

If you work with data, there’s a chance you’ve heard of “Data Science Renee.” You may know her from her “Becoming a Data Scientist” podcast or heard her speak at events like...

Can College Predictive Models Survive the Pandemic?

Though many are eager to forget 2020, data scientists will be keeping the year top of mind as we determine whether the pandemic’s impact makes 2020 data anomalous or an...

More than a Score: Extracting the Greatest Value from Predictive Modeling

Tackling a high-impact predictive modeling project can be intimidating, particularly for chief information officers and other upper administrators without extensive data...

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