How We Help

    Manage Costs and Streamline Operations

    Helping institutions measure financial performance against strategic goals

    Analytics is a journey and questions serve as a guide to help you explore and understand your institutional data. HelioCampus provides strategic decision support and insights to help derive value from your data to achieve a multitude of goals.

    Manage institutional financials in alignment with strategy and mission

    Are we managing assets and costs in alignment with institutional strategy?

    Do operating results indicate the institution is living within available resources?

    What is the likelihood of financial sustainability over the next five years?

    Image of multiple line and bar graphs comparing various financial statistics

    Understand net tuition revenue levers to inform more accurate forecasting

    Does our student population support the revenue required to run the institution?

    Does our enrollment mix by tuition type support our net tuition revenue goals?

    How does financial aid leveraging strategy and discount rate trend impact net tuition revenue?

    Image of an area graph display net tuition revenues

    Track and review expense trends, variances and other KPIs

    What is the breakdown and trends of expenses by cost center?

    What are variances in operating expenses versus prior year and budget?

    What are our opportunities to align our expense forecasts with projected revenues?

    Image of multiple line graphs comparing expense trends

    As part of The University of Southern Mississippi’s Vision 2020, we will be maximizing the operational efficiency of the University. Developing more efficient evaluation will lead to faster results, improved academic service, and cost savings for the institution. We could not be moving as quickly down this path without the help of HelioCampus.

    Allyson Easterwood, Vice President for Finance and Administration, The University of Southern Mississippi

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