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    We measure academic and administrative costs to help our members become more efficient and effective. Using our data and analytics, our members are able to maximize resources to align with strategic plans, drive better student outcomes, fulfill their mission, and lower the cost of higher education.

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    Our Approach

    HelioCampus Benchmarking works collaboratively with its members to ensure they are making data informed decisions across their campuses that impact the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations. By providing members actionable data, along with our benchmarking platform, we are providing the tools needed to do more with less and save millions along the way.

    • Understand: Understand spend and create actionable data through our Standard Activity Model (SAM)
    • Compare: Compare spending with other member institutions using a common set of analysis factors
    • Share: Share information and best practices with members to drive meaningful insights
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    Our Methodology

    1. Data Collection: Benchmarking Consortium member institutions provide employee data to HelioCampus, including Internal Human Capital Investments and Material External Human Capital Investments.
    2. Data Mapping: HelioCampus consistently maps member institution’s internal and external data to the HelioCampus Standard Activity Model (SAM) to normalize for benchmarking.
    3. Internal & External Benchmarking: Powered by the HelioCampus Benchmarking platform.
    4. Insights Meetings: Meetings with HelioCampus data analysts to identify areas for efficiency in academic and administrative operations.
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    HelioCampus Standard Activity Model

    HelioCampus Benchmarking has established the standard for measuring administrative and academic efficiency for higher education. By creating a straightforward Standard Activity Model (SAM) that is consistently applied to measure FTEs and expenditures, HelioCampus Benchmarking Consortium Membership gives you the ability to see exactly where you stand in comparison to other members in a true "apples-to-apples" view.

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