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NEAIR 2018: The Importance of Data Quality, Data Governance, and Data Sharing

Institutions of higher learning continue to move rapidly toward data-informed decision making, and this movement was strongly reflected at the 45th annual North East Association for Institutional Research conference. The City of Bridges played host to almost 400 representatives from over 200 institutions and associations to better understand methods and best practices for Creating the Bridge to Data-Informed Decision Making.

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Easily Access IPEDS Data? Yes, Please!

As the landscape for institutional sustainability in higher education becomes more and more challenging to navigate successfully innovative institutions have increasingly turned to more rigorous, methodical, and data-centric approaches to understand the issues specific to their institution and how to address them. The availability of data in its rawest form has increased exponentially, and now include such sources as National Student Clearinghouse, Complete College America, and of course one of the earliest data repositories, IPEDS (The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System).

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MSCHE Reflections:  Improving Access to and Use of Data for Accreditation

As the world of Higher Education increasingly responds to the demands of the labor market as well as federal and state governing agencies, new and improved approaches to assessment and accreditation are moving to the forefront. Addressing how to analyze and assess online learning, General Education models, proficiency-based learning, and embedded skills all require new ways of thinking about understanding how to define and measure “success.” Many of these were on display at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Annual Conference held recently, and are beginning to reflect the increasingly dynamic nature of higher education as a microcosm of broader society.

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