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The Role of Financial Analytics in COVID-19

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education is facing an uncertain path. Even with the overall economy on high alert, most experts would agree that the full impact of the pandemic has yet to be felt. Institutions are facing challenges to their business model, including declines in state funding, questionable enrollments, and uncertain endowment returns. The additional costs needed to deal with the crisis could be material.

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Featured Topics at EACUBO 2019: The State of Higher Education & Looking to the Future

As I attended the 2019 EACUBO Annual Meeting in Baltimore Maryland, I was surprised not only by the quality of the content but also by the importance of such events. I believe that large gatherings, such as this,  of like-minded people is key to disseminating ideas and highlighting where the industry is heading. I was fortunate enough to attend several sessions on topics like Cloud Migration, Alignment of Technology and Strategic Plans, Data Security, Program Margin and Program Prioritization, to name a few.

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