HelioCampus for HLC Accredited Institutions

    HelioCampus (formerly AEFIS) enables you to streamline accreditation reporting and automate evidence and data collection to improve student learning outcomes, track student achievements, and contribute to institution-wide continuous improvement efforts, while easing the burden on faculty and administrators.


    Assessment and Credentialing

    HelioCampus' comprehensive platform enables assessment practitioners to manage institutional assessment and accreditation, plan for continuous improvement, and connect authentic lifelong learning to improve learner success.

    • Automate existing assessment and accreditation workflows
    • Tag and attach evidence to standards for your self studies and program reviews
    • Collect data for continuous improvement at course, co-curricular, program, and institutional levels

    Find out how HelioCampus streamlines your HLC accreditation.

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    Watch our virtual accreditation and planning interactive demonstration and discussion led and informed by academic leaders across the HLC region.

    HelioCampus Assessment & Credentialing enables you to plan, collect evidence and support the process for submitting your HLC (Higher Learning Commission) self study for reaffirmation and mid-cycle fifth year reports. Our platform enables easy automation of evaluation, supports individual student assessment, facilitates curriculum mapping and review, streamlines campus-wide accreditation processes, and helps to achieve strategic and educational goals.

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