Advancement Analytics

Why Advancement Analytics?

Advancement Analytics unlocks the power of your fundraising and alumni data by providing better access and flexibility to users who need it most. It does not require the implementation of Student Analytics but it limits you to data available in your alumni database. This can be valuable for baseline donor analysis, gift sizing analysis and donor/alumni geographic segmentation.

The Power of Student Analytics + Advancement Analytics

While Advancement Analytics can be implemented on its own, including Student Analytics is useful if you are interested in understanding additional segmentation and targeting details based on student and institutional hierarchy data. By combining Advancement data with student data, institutions can segment data by student academic variables not in the alumni database, including program, major and degree.

Key Challenges

In today’s climate, it’s important to maximize alumni giving to ensure financial health and sustainability. Advancement Analytics allows the institution to meet their advancement goals and strategic priorities through more efficient and effective use of data. Advancement Analytics helps institutions address a range of challenges including:

First-Time Donor Acquisition

How can we identify first-time donors?

Preserving Annual Giving

How can we get alumni to return year after year through annual giving programs?

Increasing Modest Gifts to Major Contributions

What kind of yield can we expect from the coming campaigns and how can we structure campaigns for maximum yield?

Effective Outreach Strategies Across Generations & Channels

How many alumni contacts have been made broken down by appeal types and results? What funds were raised by the institution and how is that money being allocated?

Siloed Alumni Databases

What is the total addressable contactable alumni population and demographics?

Unique Features of Advancement Analytics

Advancement Analytics provides the technology platform and professional services to accelerate improvements in your advancement and development initiatives.

Systems & Third Party Integrations

Integration with your alumni and fundraising databases and/or wherever your alumni data is housed. Also, integration with third-party and public data sets, including Bureau of Labor Statistics and occupational market data.

Data Models

Data models provide for efficient and organized analysis of gift and pledge details, donor and constituent tracking, fund allocation, prospect and proposal pipeline management data.

Data Visualization

Intuitive data visualizations and standard dashboards including Annual Gift Trends, Baseline Donor Analysis, First-Time Donor models, Alumni Segmentation and more.

Data Science Services

Data Science Services to assist with donor targeting and alumni engagement, predictive models, conducting user training or integrating additional data sources into the platform.

HelioCampus worked with UMGC to create a first-time donor predictive model. The results were impressive, with the predictive model being credited for a 5-time increase in first-time donor acquisition this year, compared to last year.

Danielle Veness, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Office of Institutional Advancement