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A Focused Approach to Analytics Pays Off

University of Maryland Global Campus


As with many universities, the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC, formerly University of Maryland University College) started their endeavor into analytics with a question, a question about shifts in student enrollment volume. But in the end, they discovered the challenge was not about attracting more students – or increasing the volume of students applying – it was about conversion.

Read the case study to learn how UMGC improved outcomes, efficiencies and decision making. 

“ Today, neglecting analytics is no longer an option for higher education institutions. Analytics plays a key role in the success of UMGC, and we know that the need to be more efficient and effective will continue to be met by our data analytics program.”

Javier Miyares

President, UMGC


  • How could UMGC continue to meet their enrollment targets? 
  • Did they need to attract more students to apply? Or increase the volume of students? 
  • What other areas of the university could benefit from institution-wide analytics?


Data has informed significant policy changes ranging from the length of courses to course registration procedures. After an investment of 5 years and 10 million dollars, UMGC saw a...  

  • 20% increase in new student enrollment in Fall 2014
  • 19% reductions in recruitment expenses
  • 7% increase in course completion
  • 4% increase in student persistence from 2011-2015

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