St. Edward's University

Partnership for a Data-Rich Organization

St. Edward's University


St. Edward’s University wanted to up their data game. Becoming a data-driven organization capable of making informed decisions around student outcomes, campus resources, financial aid, and returns on education meant moving beyond a once-a-year snapshot of their student population. To make their vision a reality, they needed a way to make data from multiple sources usable and meaningful to a variety of users with different needs, and they needed their solution to be scalable.

Read the case study to learn how they partnered with HelioCampus to achieve their goals.

“From the beginning, HelioCampus worked closely with our institutional effectiveness and planning team to ensure that the implementation of the data platform supported our existing data structure. They met us where we were, instead of forcing us into a new or cookie-cutter structure.”

Justin Sloan

VP for Institutional Effectiveness & Planning, Chief Data Officer, St. Edward's University

The 4 P's: HelioCampus helped with...

  • People: Understanding what would be needed by users to move everyone towards an information-driven culture.
  • Process: Determining what processes would be needed to support the users.
  • Product: The tool(s) necessary to build out their informational needs. The kind of product would be defined by the first two Ps.
  • Partnership: Expertise that augments internal resources, helping implement, educate, train, and deliver.

Why HelioCampus?

  • Enterprise reporting & visualization capabilities;
  • An enterprise data repository to collect information from multiple sources;
  • Self-service capability for a diverse group of users;
  • The ability to scale with the institution, to help St. Edward’s increase capacity and competency as needed.

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Read the Case Study