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    Skills & Achievements

    HelioCampus enables the seamless collection of evidence, exhibiting academic and co-curricular learning and achievement, so students can demonstrate verifiable skills and credentials to employers.

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    Skills & Achievements

    Why Skills & Achievements?

    The Skills & Achievements solution helps institutions support students by providing the ability to curate a modern credential, aligned to essential outcomes and skills important to employers and connected to workforce needs.

    Comprehensive, Flexible & Customized

    By centralizing institutional assessment data, institutions can take a comprehensive approach to supporting skills and credentialing. Every student can easily create a customized skills-based transcript, allowing them to demonstrate employability in ways that the typical transcript cannot.

    Focus Areas

    With the ongoing question of whether or not a college degree is worth the time and investment required, coupled with rising tuition costs and other market disruptions, the importance of demonstrating verifiable skills to employers is driving a strong trend towards new microcredential programs and other alternative education pathways. The Skills & Achievements solution provides the infrastructure and tools to make it possible for students to create a skills-based transcript, addressing a range of use cases including:

    Verified Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities

    Can your institution manage and authenticate student learning experiences in one place?


    Can students currently earn, display and share badges seamlessly, and integrate them into their skills-based transcripts?

    Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) Support

    Does your institution support modern credentialing via CLR, allowing students to align experiences in and outside of the classroom with outcomes and skills frameworks?
    All-in-One Institutional Assessment
    Our assessment platform includes all the tools and resources to support your institutional effectiveness initiatives.
    Technology Platform
    Our assessment platform setup includes the installation and basic configuration of your cloud-hosted, dedicated instance. Hosting, licensing, support, and maintenance are included as part of your subscription.
    System Integrations
    Our team will work with your technical team to set up authentication, the Student Information System (SIS) Integration and the Learning Management System (LMS) Integration (optional.) This enables the seamless exchange of data across campus systems through standards-based technology and interoperability.
    Reporting & API Access
    Leverage our powerful inventory of reports designed to visualize and bring meaning to the data gathered via our robust collection tools. Build dashboards to connect assessment and institutional data using our data warehouse. Connect to the application over our API for added capability and efficiencies.
    Client Success & Services
    Our Client Success Team provides training, assistance and custom engagements as required.
    Community of Practice
    Our online communities of practice site, AEFIS Academy, is an innovative and open space for assessment practitioners to come and engage with one another, share best practices, and access live and recorded content.

    A CLR is what best represents your students and institution in terms of what is needed to support students so that they may reach their goals. At UMGC, we really want our document to serve students so that they may articulate skills and learning within the classroom and be able to say with confidence, 'this is what I have learned, this is how I learned it, and this is how I can apply it to the job opportunity that I am seeking’.

    Insiya Bream, Registrar & Associate Vice President, UMGC