As a result of the rapid response to COVID-19, colleges and universities have been forced to become fully virtual almost overnight. How has this transition gone? Are courses up and running? What does utilization look like? Institutional leaders need answers to these questions, and more, as they look to improve the remote learning experience for their students.

In partnership with our clients, HelioCampus has developed the LMS Explorer Kit to allow institutions to extract data from their Learning Management System (LMS), including instructor and student course activity, and create a series of data visualizations to help inform action and decision-making around deployment, training, course development and usage. 

The LMS Explorer kit includes the code to download and create data files, specifically related to tracking instructor and student course activity. The code required to access Instructure Canvas and Blackboard Learn are currently available. The kit also includes limited-time Tableau licensing to assist with visualizing and analyzing the data. 

This data can help institutions quickly answer the following questions:

  1. Which courses have been moved online? How many courses have some degree of current activity? And which courses have no recent activity?
  2. Are all students and faculty engaged in the online classroom?
  3. Which native LMS features are being utilized?

If you are interested in learning more, you can:

  • Review our FAQ to determine if you have the right technical expertise at your institution to get the product installed;
  • Listen to a recorded introductory overview;
  • Register for office hours or send our team an email;
  • Download the LMS Explorer Kit by filling out the form on the right. It will automatically download to your desktop.

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