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    LMS Insights

    HelioCampus enables decision support and insights for institutions to understand online classroom activity through an enterprise technology platform and ongoing services.

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    Why LMS Insights?

    LMS Insights helps institutions quantify LMS engagement, evaluate the usage of best practices, and measure student learning outcomes by centralizing LMS data for analysis and decision support.

    Extensible, Extendable and Flexible

    In order to be as flexible as possible, institutions can include data from any source into the platform. Depending on your teams’ level of expertise, you can bring in data sources yourself or work with a member of the HelioCampus team.

    Focus Areas

    As remote and online learning become more prevalent, institutions need visibility into student engagement, faculty interaction and grades data across courses. LMS Insights helps institutions better understand learning activities and correlation with student outcomes to address a range of use cases including:

    Adoption & Utilization

    How does LMS adoption and utilization vary across colleges, departments, and courses?

    Instructional Design

    How does curriculum and course design correlate with student success metrics?

    Course Activity

    Which students are less engaged and at risk of not completing their course?

    Early Intervention

    Which students are candidates for early interventions and should be offered additional services?
    Decision Support Series:
    A Packaged Solution
    Regardless of your starting point, the Decision Support offerings consist of an Enterprise Platform & Data Warehouse, Higher Education Data Models, and Data Science Services.
    Enterprise Technology Platform
    Our secure, extensive, high performance data platform provides an open and extensible environment to leverage existing and future investments.
    Source Systems
    Integrations with your institution’s Student Information System and LMS allow for data replication into a Data Lake.
    Data Models
    Data models provide intuitive, logical relationships and integrations between data sources as well as within individual data sources that are not normally fit for reporting against. Organized by subject area, data models provide for efficient and organized analysis and serve as the foundation for dashboards and predictive models.
    Data Visualization
    Intuitive data visualizations and standard dashboards help make your data actionable and understandable. The HelioCampus platform includes a set of standard visualizations, showing trends for key metrics. Each dashboard can be configured and customized based on your business rules and specifications.
    Data Science Services
    While the technology platform and data organization are critical, ongoing data science services help tackle critical institutional challenges. These services include decision support, assisting with building predictive models, conducting user training, or integrating additional data sources into the platform.

    HelioCampus is already giving me feedback on things to consider regarding the data, based now on design and student success, so that we can have better passage rates, better engagement, more meaningful dialogue, and real impact in our courses.

    Paul Walsh, Program Director, USMx

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