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    Drive Student Success & Grow Revenue

    Increase visibility into admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and retention data to drive student success and grow revenue

    Analytics is a journey and questions serve as a guide to help you explore and understand your institutional data. HelioCampus provides strategic decision support and insights to help derive value from your data to achieve a multitude of goals.

    Understand enrollment trends and impact on diversity goals

    What is the probability of hitting our desired enrollment target?

    What are our enrollment trends by ethnicity?

    How do enrollments compare by class instruction mode?

    Product screenshot of graphs comparing applicant demography

    Optimize financial aid awards to maximize yield and retention

    How do I modify my financial aid leveraging strategy to maximize yield?

    How does financial unmet need impact student retention?

    How does the trend of graduating student debt differ across the student body?

    Yield Analysis Unmet Need Screenshot

    Increase visibility into student success levers

    What is the graduation rate of students who graduate in 4 years?

    How can you break down students into sub-populations to better serve them?

    Are we recruiting students most likely to be successful at our institution?

    Product screenshot of color-coded graphs comparing retention and graduation rates

    Understand which degree programs are driving demand, degree production and student outcomes

    What kind of student movement occurs across programs, departments, and colleges?

    What are our historical trends and key metrics in yield, retention and degree production by academic program?

    What are the attributes of our most successful students?

    Product screenshot of a graph of student movement across academic majors

    As a small, private university in New England, we are in an increasingly competitive market for high-achieving students. The ability for HelioCampus to help us develop data informed strategies that help us to define our most successful students and position us to recruit and retain these students is critical to ensuring our long term, institutional health.

    Pennie Turgeon, Former Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at Clark University

    Part of the beauty of the HelioCampus model for us has been their expertise in data science. It is a huge accelerant. I have no doubt that we could eventually build and maintain some kind of similar data environment, but you would have to give us so much time and we would have to forego so many other priorities.

    David Burge, Vice President of Enrollment Management, George Mason University

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