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    Financial Modeling

    HelioCampus enables institutions to generate long range financial projections on a 5-10 year time horizon so they have the ability to plan for a variety of potential outcomes, including shifting enrollment patterns, state appropriations volatility, inflation fluctuations, planned strategic initiatives and external shocks.

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    Financial Analytics

    Why Financial Modeling?

    Financial Modeling allows institutions to plan for their financial futures by combining relevant historical data, allowing them to create, review and catalog multiple long-range financial scenarios and translate business and strategic plans into financial results.

    Customizable & Easy to Use 

    With a focus on high-value analytics, financial modeling has been built from the ground up and designed around higher ed business processes. Customizable and relatively light weight, this strategic planning tool is easy to implement and is focused entirely on long-term strategic financial planning at the institution level. With Financial Modeling, your institution can be prepared to answer questions around a variety of future financial scenarios at any time.

    Focus Areas

    Spurred on by the pandemic, CFO’s are increasingly being asked complex questions around institutional financials in order to demonstrate fiscal responsibility to boards and accreditors, as well as to ensure they are managing financials in alignment with institutional strategy and mission. Combined with inflation, runaway tuition growth and the pressure to have an ever-increasing number of student services, the financial health of institutions is under scrutiny. Financial Modeling helps institutions address a range of use cases including:

    Enrollment & Tuition Planning

    How much additional net tuition revenue will be received if enrollment increases or decreases by X%? What are the full financial implications of changing program demand, new program development, and student demographic shifts?

    Faculty & Staff Planning

    What are the full costs of the institutional staffing plan? How will student-to-faculty and student-to-staff ratios shift? What are the cumulative effects of annual salary increases?

    Scenario Planning

    What are the baseline, high-growth, and low-growth scenarios? Are there contingency plans to weather an unexpected financial downturn?

    Financial Management

    Is the institution prepared for volatility in state appropriations, persistent inflation, utility and commodity price hikes, and other financial contingencies?

    How Does it Work?

    Financial Modeling is a SaaS product that institutions access via a web browser, requiring a secure sign-in of eligible users.

    To get up and running, HelioCampus works with the institution to collect the historical data necessary. At the conclusion of implementation, institutions have a fully configured application that can be used to generate and view financial scenarios.

    We are getting even more granular with the data, looking at levels of unmet need and getting our financial aid office’s input. It is an iterative process. But we were working with anecdotal and incomplete information. Now, working with HelioCampus, we have some what-ifs and modeling that is helping us move forward.

    Ronald Nowaczyk, President, Frostburg State University