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George Mason University has been growing steadily and does not plan on stopping anytime soon, with a 10-year goal to produce 100,000 graduates by 2024. To help them understand how to effectively scale their enrollment yield, graduation rates, facilities, and the other factors necessary to meet this goal, they knew they needed to move beyond their existing, siloed data. They needed a partner, and they found one in HelioCampus.

Read the case study to learn how they partnered with HelioCampus to achieve their goals.

“Part of the beauty of the HelioCampus model for us has been their expertise in data science. It is a huge accelerant. I have no doubt that we could eventually build and maintain some kind of similar data environment, but you would have to give us so much time and we would have to forego so many other priorities.”

David Burge

Vice President of Enrollment Management, George Mason University

Leveraging data effectively means developing insights to questions like:

  • Who is likely to enroll in what program?
  • What financial aid will be vacated by students who are not returning?
  • What strategies (marketing or financial aid) would increase yield?
  • What revenue is generated by each student enrolled by course, degree, program, school, and college?

Why HelioCampus?

  • Customizable data platform;
  • Deep expertise in data science;
  • Shared partnership and learnings ;
  • Their ability to accelerate their existing analytics initiatives to help Mason support their diverse and growing student body.

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Read the Case Study