The University of Delaware

Driving Institutional Effectiveness Through Comprehensive Data Analytics



Located in Newark, Delaware, the University of Delaware (UD) is a public R1 research university that serves more than 20,000 students. UD is committed to research, service, and educational excellence across their graduate and undergraduate programs—but determining how well they are fulfilling their mission is a complex task. To answer that question, UD partnered with HelioCampus in 2019 to build a comprehensive data platform, enabling them to evaluate their decision-making more holistically.

Read the case study to learn the four unique ways University of Delaware is using analytics to measure success and drive transformation across the entire institution.

“Tracking KPIs is not enough anymore. Institutions must demonstrate that they are using their findings for decision-making and continuous improvement. Our analytics platform helps us ensure our data is used for multiple purposes beyond accreditation.”

Heather Kelly, Director of Institutional Research

The University of Delaware

How is UD Using Analytics Across the Institution?

  1. Translating Strategic Planning into Measurable Data: By translating the five pillars of their strategic plan into quantifiable data points, university leaders can track their growth and take action if the data indicates an unexpected downward trend.
  2. Using Data to Support a More Holistic Accreditation Process: The data platform and underlying data models enable UD to continuously monitor internal metrics to ensure they stay
    on track.
  3. Improving Transparency with Streamlined Public Reporting:  With a centralized data platform and models, UD can now quickly update its annual census data and provide critical information to stakeholders with ease.
  4. Pivoting Confidently with Data-Driven Decision Support: “UD’s analytical solutions in response to Covid could have looked very different,” says Kelly, “We were very fortunate that our platform allowed us to meet the accelerated need for internal decision support. We were able to pivot quickly and develop tools to address enrollment and net tuition revenue.”

The End Result?

Building a Culture of Data Literacy: Today, UD is moving away from siloed accountability and toward continuous improvement and proactivity—an effort made possible by HelioCampus’s user-friendly, centralized data analytics platform.

Learn More About the Results 

Read the Case Study