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Certified AWS partner

The foundation you need to build a reliable, comprehensive, secure and scalable data analytics infrastructure, purpose-built for higher education institutions.

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Powering cutting-edge enterprise analytics

HelioCampus is proud to partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power cutting-edge enterprise analytics platforms at leading institutions across the US. We empower colleges and universities to leverage their institutional data to provide actionable insights that help them navigate the changing landscape of higher education.

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Maximize data storage

Get unlimited scalable storage with AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) plus managed Linux and Windows application servers with AWS EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) and Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for flexible disk storage.

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Lightning fast computing power

Stand up a data warehouse leveraging AWS Redshift for rapid insights due to the massive parallel processing architecture we establish.

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Anytime, anywhere access

Provide a highly responsive user experience when we tap into Amazon CloudFront to optimize content delivery regardless of user locations.

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Secure and reliable

Establish seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure via AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and an industry standard IPSec tunnel. Plus securely monitor traffic into and out of the VPC with Amazon Cloudwatch, and run rapid backups and disaster recovery using Amazon Machine Images (AMI).

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HelioCampus enables you to get answers to pressing questions impacting student success and campus operations. Let us work with you to integrate your core systems, build a secure data platform, and visualize yet-to-be-uncovered data insights.

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