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    Benchmark Against Peers

    Optimize administrative and academic spend through benchmarking and satisfaction surveys

    Analytics is a journey and questions serve as a guide to help you explore and understand your institutional data. HelioCampus provides strategic decision support and insights to help derive value from your data to achieve a multitude of goals.

    Understand administrative investments through benchmarking

    Are our administrative investment areas properly aligned with our mission?

    What percentage of our human capital investment is going towards administrative activities and what is the trend over time?

    How does our human capital investment in administrative activities compare to benchmarks?

    Image with two donut charts comparing labor spending by activity

    Evaluate the effectiveness of administrative spend in the context of institutional outcomes

    How does our administrative structure differ when compared to benchmarks: centralized, decentralized, shared services and external labor?

    Which administrative activities are we over or underinvesting human capital in when compared to benchmarks?

    What is the relationship between levels of administrative investment and relevant outcome metrics, and how does that compare to benchmarks?

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    Understand how we staff and support our faculty

    How does our mix of faculty types compare with benchmarks?

    How does our mix of faculty types vary across our academic units?

    What level of administrative support are we providing our faculty and how has it changed over time?

    Bar chart displaying how different categories of faculty and staff compare against benchmarks.

    Student services is a high priority at Utah and the data from the HelioCampus Benchmarking Consortium allows us to assess our spending levels and returns of investment in terms of student outcomes.

    Cathy Anderson, Chief Financial Officer, University of Utah

    Membership in the consortium helps university executives create their narrative, align resources and get results.

    Kelli D. Shomaker, CPA, Vice President for Business & Finance and CFO, Auburn University

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