Data analytics is an essential institutional function given its growing importance in informing decision-making and strategic planning. But this “umbrella” term can mean different things at different institutions. What does an effective and cutting edge analytics strategy look like?

University of Maryland - Baltimore Campus (UMBC) is a pioneer and leader in the practice. They’ve seen it all from custom builds of their own robust analytics platforms to outsourced partners who augment and support their strategy. In 2020, it all changed. They realized they needed a new approach that would offer a cloud-based, modern platform and toolset coupled with innovative data science to power the actionable insights that would continue to facilitate their growth and sustainability.

This webinar replay features:

  • Jack Suess, VP of IT and Chief Information Officer
  • Bob Carpenter, Deputy CIO and Associate Provost for Analytics

We discuss core considerations for a higher ed data analytics program:

  • How to look for and evaluate comprehensive analytics platforms
  • Pros and cons of building your own platform vs. partnering with a vendor
  • Considerations for “productionalizing” machine learning predictive models

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