HelioCampus Assessment & Credentialing enables you to plan, collect evidence and support the process for submitting your Assurance Argument to HLC. The more centralization you do ahead of time, the easier it will be to seamlessly import your documentation and criteria specific data into the HLC online platform. HelioCampus enables you to begin your work early and to centralize a living document for submission into the HLC online platform.

Check out this webinar replay to hear from Dr. Colin Suchland (Professor of Sociology / General Education Outcome Representative, HLC Criteria 4b) and learn how Lincoln Land Community College uses HelioCampus to support their self study and continuous improvement. Plus get a live demo where we'll cover:

  • Identify how we design your centralized repository for standards, outcomes, and frameworks for mapping and tagging evidence.
  • Review the steps for activating your evidence bank for linking artifacts to standards for your reports
  • Discuss how you can pull together your entire report for internal and external sharing
  • Design a review process and workflow for supporting your annual assessment planning and reporting

Learn how HelioCampus can support your continuous improvement efforts through our unified platform for managing institutional assessment and accreditation.

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