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HelioCampus Webinar

Using Benchmarked Labor Spend Data in Higher Education

Identify efficiencies by examining administrative investment and growth, administrative investment in academic units, and student outcomes.

With financial sustainability and fiscal responsibility top of mind at higher education institutions, having data to directly support budget planning and staffing decisions is critical. However, comprehensive data around staffing can be challenging to collect and analyze.

The combined pressures from The Great Resignation, ongoing enrollment volatility, and the termination of COVID relief funds have combined to drive CBOs and CFOs to reach for data that validates a financially sustainable path forward. Benchmarked labor spend data offers institutions a new look at their investments relative to peer institutions to make more informed decisions.

Watch this webinar featuring HelioCampus' Director of Research Dr. Ranjani Kirtane as she shares real-life use cases.

What's Included In This Webinar

  • Improving alignment of financial labor investments with student outcomes and employee satisfaction
  • Identifying areas of opportunity to ensure coverage for departments with greater needs
  • Comparing labor investments to peers to evaluate overall administrative resource allocation

Using Benchmarked Labor Spend Data in Higher Education