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HelioCampus Webinar

Predictive Modeling Use Cases in Higher Ed

Data Science in Practice


Data Science solutions using various predictive modeling techniques have been available for several years but many higher education institutions are just dipping their toes into the field for the first time. Some common use cases have drawn strong interest from campus leaders due to ongoing challenges (retention, enrollment goals) and other emerging situations, like the COVID pandemic. Check out this webinar replay if you have questions like: am I ready to use predictive modeling at your institution? What use case would best serve my needs?

What's Included In This Webinar

  • Explore use cases in financial aid, admissions, student success, forecasting, and others with a focus on how they are applied in practice.
  • Success stories and lessons learned from our work with our clients.
  • Advice and considerations on how to thoughtfully and successfully embark on a data science modeling initiative.

Predictive Modeling Use Cases in Higher Ed