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HelioCampus Webinar

Data Science in Higher Ed: A Journey Not A Destination


From the humble bar chart to advanced predictive algorithms, effective data science programs employ a wide range of tools to answer strategic questions using data. In these highly uncertain times, it is more important than ever that we use all of the tools at our disposal to answer these questions effectively. Beyond simply trying to predict the future, we need to use a comprehensive approach to uncover the stories in the data.

Check out this webinar replay with Craig Rudick, Director of Product Strategy at HelioCampus and former Director of Institutional Research and Lead Data Scientist at the University of Kentucky, to learn more about how to create and implement a data science program.

What's Included In This Webinar

  • Techniques, both technical and practical, for designing and implementing a data science program
  • How to make full use of the range of tools available to do so
  • creates the broad and deep knowledge base upon which true data-informed decision making is grounded

Data Science in Higher Ed