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HelioCampus Webinar

The Missing Link: Assessment & Microcredentials

with Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland Global Campus

Over the years, assessment has evolved as a core function of higher education. But an elusive outcome of this work still remains: how do we make our data visible to a broader audience? In contrast, microcredentials are a more recent innovation. They document learning for students, institutions and employers beyond a transcript.

The challenge? How to identify what skills students have gained to award credentials. This question exposes the missing link: the connection between assessment and microcredentials.

Watch the recording to explore how two innovative institutions, Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland Global Campus, have connected these two work streams to benefit stakeholders.

What's Included In This Webinar

  • Identify microcredentials as a resource for students via badging and CLR
  • Foster collaboration between assessment, registrar and faculty
  • Evaluate ways to use outcomes to support the development of microcredentials
  • Integrate microcredentials into a student's learning journey

Assessment & Microcredentials