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HelioCampus ebook

Embracing an Integrated, Data-Driven Approach

Higher Ed and “The New Student Success"

The higher education landscape enrollment and retention rates have taken a significant hit since COVID-19.

Community colleges experienced a 5% dip in retention, according to a recent report from the College Board¹, while private four-year institutions saw a 1.2% decrease. Enrollment of first-year students also declined significantly, with a nearly 12% drop at community colleges, 4.5% at private four-year institutions, and 2.8% at public four-year institutions. Against this troubling backdrop, many institutions are doubling down on student success initiatives focused on persistence and retention. However, these efforts are often conducted within a single office or department, offering only a limited view into the student experience.

At HelioCampus, we know that student success is critical to mission fulfillment—and we want to propose a more comprehensive way. Our vision for “the New Student Success” brings together student success and data experts across functional areas on campus to integrate efforts and drive change.

¹Howell, Jessica, et al. “College Enrollment and Retention in the Era of Covid.” CollegeBoard, June 2021, enrollment-retention-covid2020.pdf. 

What's Included In This eBook

  • Steps to integrated student success;
  • How to drive student success with institution-specific initiatives.

Embracing an Integrated, Data-Driven Approach