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A New Path Forward for Higher Education

Institutional Effectiveness 2.0

Today’s higher education leaders find themselves in a unique—and often precarious—position.

According to 2021 survey data from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU), a staggering 74% of colleges and universities face financial constraints, while another 37% are struggling to execute long-term institutional change. To position themselves for the future, colleges and universities must be able to look holistically at their administrative, academic, and financial programs and fully understand whether they are directly supporting the institution’s mission. To do this, they need the technology, talent and processes in place to enable data-informed decision-making across every department—which means embracing a new era of Institutional Effectiveness. We’re calling this "IE 2.0.”

IE 2.0 marks a fundamental shift in how the higher ed sector thinks about institutional effectiveness. The traditionally narrow focus on assessment and accreditation is expanding, with institutional effectiveness shifting towards a comprehensive approach towards continuous evaluation and improvement. IE 2.0 ushers in a more unified approach to decision-making, providing institutions with unprecedented opportunities to better align investments with financial and student learning outcomes.    


What does IE 2.0 look like in practice? Why is it happening now? And what impact will it have on colleges and universities across the country?

What's Included In This eBook

  • Understand how Institutional Effectiveness 2.0 will shape the future of higher education;
  • What's driving change in the higher education market;
  • Mapping the future of institutional effectiveness.

A New Path Forward for Higher Education