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Leveraging Analytics in Enrollment Management: 5 Best Practices

Colleges and universities are under a lot of pressure as they work to fulfill their educational mission and curtail drops in enrollment and retention, exacerbated by the COVID crisis. 

Many higher education institutions are embracing analytic solutions to help them unravel enrollment, persistence, and retention challenges. By analyzing academic history, student behavior, co-curricular involvement, and other pertinent data, colleges and universities can recruit, attract, and enroll students who have a higher likelihood of academic success. This allows them to focus on efforts to identify students that need extra support who are already enrolled, and make interventions, increasing students’ likelihood to persist.


Does your institution have an analytics strategy in place?

What's Included In This eBook

  • 5 best practices for enrollment management practitioners should consider when deploying analytics strategy;
  • How to maintain privacy and security with an increased reliance on data and risk of data breaches.

Leveraging Analytics in Enrollment Management: 5 Best Practices