Online learning is now ubiquitous. The transition to remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic sparked a shift in student expectations — according to EducationData.Org, enrollment at primarily online institutions saw a 7% increase in 2020, compared to a 4.5% decline at traditional universities. With many colleges and universities planning to continue some form of online instruction into 2021 and beyond, institutions need to find new strategies to measure student engagement and success. In order to understand what’s working and what’s not – and how to better allocate resources in a distance learning environment – administrators can leverage one tool that’s already in their toolbox: their LMS.  

LMS data provides invaluable information about student experience online, making it a powerful tool for administrators looking to implement effective policies in an increasingly remote world. Read our eBook for four ways to leverage LMS data to improve learning outcomes.

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Capturing the Student Experience: 4 Ways LMS Data Can Improve Online Learning Outcomes eBook